The Art of Embossing

14 Oct 2019 - 14 Oct 2019

This class is a creative, process oriented workshop designed to develop your felt making skills in a playful, experimental manner. You will make a lovely lightweight embossed scarf and some great samples.

You will learn about embossing and a multitude of techniques that extend your textural skills. We will limit the colour of the materials used in class to black and white which means more time can be spent on the processes rather than having the distraction of colour. This enhances rather than limits your learning potential. Wendy will bring embossed and laminated surface samples to inspire you in shades of grey! You will go home inspired and with a great new skill set to fire your passion and creativity. You are guaranteed a vibrant, informative learning experience and will go home with a wonderful embossed scarf or wall hanging and a hearty collection of fabulous samples.

Tutor: Wendy Bailye

Skill Level: Must have completed beginners level

Venue:Chifley Health & Wellness Hub,

19/70 Maclaurin Circuit, Chifley ACT

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